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Pascal Mamassian
Former Member of the Vision group
Personal Web Site :
Scientific interests : vision research
Awards : Chaire d'Excellence (2004)

PUBLICATIONS (by category, 1900 - 2017) by date -- 2005-2017

Journal article

Wexler, M., Duyck, M., & Mamassian, P. (2015). Persistent states in vision break universality and time invariance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(48), 14990–14995. pdf

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Book chapter

Mamassian, P., Landy, M., & Maloney, L.T. (2002). Bayesian modelling of visual perception. In Rao, Rajesh P. N. Olshausen, Bruno A. Lewicki, Michael S. (Eds) Probabilistic models of the brain: Perception and neural function. (pp. 13-36). Cambridge, MA, US: The MIT Press.


COMMUNICATIONS (1900 - 2017)

Oral communication

Otto, T.U., & Mamassian, P. (2010). Noise vs. multisensory integration: The return of the race model. Paper presented at the 11th International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF), Liverpool, UK. pdf

Cardoso-Leite, P., Gorea, A., & Mamassian, P. (2007). Anticipatory vs. reactive Response Times: a new method to compare perceptual and motor latencies. Paper presented at the VSS,

Cardoso-Leite, P., Gorea, A., & Mamassian, P. (2006). Sur la relation Perception-Action : Temps de réaction et jugement d'ordre temporel (long abstract, french). Paper presented at the NeuroComp,

Gorea, A., Cardoso-Leite, P., Mamassian, P., & Waszak, F. (2006). A negative test of the sensorimotor dissociation via a trial-by-trial analysis of response times and temporal order judgments. (abstract). Paper presented at the VSS, pdf