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Delphine Rider
Member of the Technical group
Address : 45 rue des Saints-Pères, 75270 Paris cedex 06, France
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PUBLICATIONS (by category, 1900 - 2017) by date -- 2005-2017

Journal article

Guellaï, B., Streri, A., Chopin, A., Rider, D., & Kitamura, C. (2016). Newborns' Sensitivity to the Visual Aspects of Infant-Directed Speech: Evidence From Point-Line Displays of Talking Faces. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 42(4), .

You, R., Serniclaes, W., Rider, D., & Chabane, N. (2016). On the nature of the speech perception deficits in children with autism spectrum disorders. Research in Developmental Disabilities, in press.

Buffat, S., Chastres, V., Bichot, A., Rider, D., Benmussa, F., & Lorenceau, J. (2014). OB3D, a new set of 3D Objects available for research: a web-based study. Frontiers in Psychology, 5:1062, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.01062. pdf

Gorea, A., Rider, D., & Yang, Q. (2014). A unified comparison of stimulus-driven, endogenous mandatory and ‘free choice’ saccades. PLoS One, 9(2), e88990. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0088990.. pdf

Jacquet, A.-Y., Esseily, R., Rider, D., & Fagard, J. (2012). Handedness for grasping objects and declarative pointing: A longitudinal study. Developmental Psychobiology, 54(1), 36-46, doi: 10.1002/dev.20572. pdf

Gorea, A., & Rider, D. (2011). Introspecting on the timing of one’s actions in a visuo-motor synchronization task. Frontiers in Psychology, 2, doi: 10.3389/ fpsyg.2011.00106.. pdf


Book chapter

You, R., Chabane, N., Rider, D., & Serniclaes, W. (2014). Perception de la parole chez les enfants du spectre autistique. In R., Sock, B., Vaxelaire, C., Fauth (Eds) La voix et la parole perturbées. Travaux en Phonétique Clinique. (pp. 103-116). Mons - Belgique: CIPA, Collection « Recherches en Parole » (RPA).


COMMUNICATIONS (1900 - 2017)

Oral communication

You, R.S., Serniclaes, W., Rider, D., & Chabane, N. (2013). Audiovisual Speech Perception in Autism. Paper presented at the the International Meeting for Autism Research, San Sebastián, Spain.

You, R.S., Serniclaes, W., Rider, D., & Chabane, N. (2011, February). Perception visuelle de parole chez les enfants du spectre autistique. Paper presented at the International Conference AutismComSym 2011: Communicative and symbolic behaviors in children with autism: Functional specificities and conditions of appearance, Paris, France. pdf

You, R.S., Serniclaes, W., Rider, D., Savariaux, C., Schwartz, J.-L., & Chabane, N. (2011, Mai). Perception auditive et visuelle de parole chez les enfants du spectre autistique. Paper presented at the Quatrième Journée de Phonétique Clinique, Strasbourg, France. pdf

Tandonnet, C., Cardoso-Leite, P., Rider, D., & Gorea, A. (2008). A negative test of the sensorimotor dissociation with saccades perturbed by close to threshold distractors. Paper presented at the European Conference on Visual Perception, Utrecht, Pays-Bas. pdf